Concan TX Weather Guide


Are you planning a trip to Concan, TX? Located in the Frio River Valley of the Texas Hill Country, Concan has a broad range of different temperatures and weather throughout the year. Whether you want to experience a hot climate for summer activities or looking for a long-term stay in a mild winter climate, this area has something for everyone! Check out our weather guide for more details on the area. 

Spring Weather (March - May)  

spring in Concan

Springtime in Concan means warmer temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low-90s. Oftentimes, this period of the year is dry, although some years there is more rainfall than others. Nighttime during the spring is pretty cool, usually around the mid-60s. This is a great time of year to visit for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities such as golf or camping.   

Summer Weather (June - August)  

Frio River

Summer is hot in Concan! Temperatures can reach the upper-90s and sometimes can reach over 100°F. This area has a humid subtropical climate. Therefore, humidity levels can vary. Humidity levels are typically higher in the summer and can contribute to a warmer climate during this time. Concan does get sporadic thunderstorms that pop up from time to time with heavy downpours. Summertime is a very popular season to visit The Frio River, as it’s known for many watersports and fun activities including swimming, kayaking, and tubing!  

Fall Weather (September - November)  

fall in Texas Hill Country

If you’re looking for a break from the hot weather, fall in Concan can still be warm but very enjoyable. Early fall (September and October) has temperatures in the high 80s and even 90s, but nights are cooler as the humidity begins to lessen. The fall season remains an excellent time of the year for vacations with family and friends to avoid peak seasons. It’s also great for hiking at nearby parks, such as the popular Garner State Park, and getting a chance to see the leaves change color!  

Winter Weather (December - February)  

winter in Concan

Winters in Concan are mild and cool and you can often admire beautiful daytime temperatures around the 60s and 70s! There are cold days throughout the winter forecast, and it can get into the low 30s and 40s at night. You most likely won’t see any snow, as it’s pretty rare for this region to have. Winter remains a great time to take pleasure in outdoor activities, and many visitors love to spend their winter getaways or long-term stays in Texas Hill County.   

Overall, Concan’s weather offers a good mix of both hot and cool temperatures, and the mild seasons make it a great place to visit. Book your vacation near the Frio River and cherish a vacation with family and friends!