Policies and Procedures

Frio Premier Rentals and all properties managed by it has established policies and procedures that will make your stay a memorable experience. Renters and guests shall adhere to the rules, regulations, and guidelines noted below in order to insure that you and your family a safe and pleasant experience. Frio Premier Rentals and the properties that it manages will adhere to zero tolerance for those not conforming. Frio Premier Rentals reserves the right to deny admittance or require renters or guests to vacate your rental when policies are violated.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All guests shall read and acknowledge in writing the policies and procedures listed below. The lessee will make these known to all others.




Please check with the office staff about availability, deposits, making reservations, cancellation policies, etc. 830-232-4935

All guests must register upon arrival at the River Rim Resort office at 1204 CR 350, Concan, TX 78838. Guests arriving after business hours will pick up an envelope at the office with check in information. Guests must sign the policies and procedures and return it and payment due to the office when the office opens the next morning.


Guests should not invite anyone else to join them at their FPR home. Exceptions must be made with the office manager prior to your scheduled arrival.


All guests are responsible for picking up their own trash and placing it in the outside garbage containers that are provided. Mesh bags are available at the office for your use on the river.


Fires must be built in designated fire ring and outdoor fireplaces. Fires must not be left unattended and must be put out before going inside or leaving. Burn bans are often in place and must be obeyed. Do not have an outdoor fire other than in the barbecue pit if it is windy. NO FIRES may be built along the river. Indoor fireplaces can only be used from October through February.


Glass bottles are not allowed at the river or swimming pool areas.


Frio Premier Rentals and its properties are family oriented. Offensive language or behavior, use of illegal drugs and underage drinking will not be tolerated.


Dogs are not allowed at any Frio Premier Rental property. There are no exceptions.


Park on driveways only. DO NOT park any type of vehicles on grassy / dirt. Check w / office about # of vehicles.


Smoking is NOT permitted INSIDE any rental on in swimming pool areas. Butt should be disposed of properly. A fee of $300 will be assessed if anyone smokes inside a Frio Premier Rental home.


Please do not litter by throwing trash, rocks, cans, bottles, etc. on the ground.


Fireworks and discharging of any type of firearms including BB guns, slingshots, water balloons, etc. is prohibited
Pinatas and cascarones are prohibited.


Frio Premier Rentals promotes family vacation stays. Minors are expected to be supervised by adults, noise levels must be kept down and public intoxication is not appropriate.


The Frio River is a treasured asset. Littering and use of glass containers are not allowed on or near the river. Local law enforcement monitors the river.


Golf carts may be used only at certain Frio Premier Homes. Check with the office before your arrival. Licensed driver's only are allowed to operate the golf carts.


Guests using swimming pools must obey all rules at the pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Diving or jumping into a pool is prohibited. Climbing on landscaping rocks or waterfall features is also prohibited. Glass is not allowed in pool areas. Lifeguards are not on duty. Swim at your own risk.


Guests are responsible for their own safety when using the bunk beds in any rental home.


Be respectful of other guests. Use of sound equipment is not permitted. Music should only be loud enough for the guests at your home to hear. This applies at the river parks as well. Quiet hours are observed from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.


Prior to checking out, all guests should remove all food from refrigerators. Dishes must be washed and put away clean. Trash must be gathered up and placed in outdoor trash receptacles. Upon inspection of the cabins after your departure, Frio Premier reserved the right to charge for additional services required to return the property to the state it was in prior to your arrival.



Excess garbage, broken fixtures or furniture, missing amenities and damage to property resulting from gross negligence are examples or chargeable items.


Fees: $25.00 per lost key.


All homes have a maximum number of occupants allowed. This will be strictly enforced and those violating this restriction will be required to vacate.


Check in time is 4:00 p.m. and check out time is no later than 11:00 a.m.


Hold Harmless Agreement:“Lessee” shall include all persons occupying property leased from Frio Premier Rentals. Lessee agrees to protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless Frio Premier Rentals including its officers, agents and employees from and against all losses, costs, and expenses, and from and against all claims, demands, suits, and actions for damages or from liability of whatever nature for any and all damages to property or to injury (including death) to any person or person arising from a visit to property owned or managed by Frio Premier Rentals. The person signing the hold harmless Agreement is responsible for conveying its contents to every person in their party.