Frio River Water Levels

Concan, TX

Are you visiting Concan, Texas? Experience the Frio River, a popular destination known for its clear waters and scenic beauty! Throughout the year, the Frio River has fluctuating water levels depending on seasonal rainfall and water usage in the surrounding areas. During periods of heavy rainfall, the Frio River can swell, offering great conditions for recreational activities like tubing and kayaking. Conversely, water levels can drop due to certain factors. If you would like to monitor daily Frio River water levels, you can check out 7 days, 30 days, and 1 year reports on USGS Water Data. If you have further questions about specific vacation rentals near the Frio River, contact our team today and


The ideal water levels for tubing on the Frio River can range between 25 and 500 cubic feet per second (cfs). Here’s a more detailed breakdown:


Low Water Levels (typically below 100 cfs): Tubing can be slow and there may be many shallow spots where you have to walk your tube. 


More Ideal Water Levels (100 - 300 cfs): These levels are great for tubing! The current is strong enough to carry you downstream without much effort, and most of the riverbed will be deep enough to avoid touching the bottom.


High Water Levels (300 - 500 cfs): Water levels are high, and the current will be faster. It’s important to be cautious as the speed of the water can make it more difficult to steer and navigate, especially for children or less experienced tubers. 


Very High Water Levels (typically above 500 cfs): The river can be very fast and powerful.